We Did It.

We got married!

Emma & Andy's River Roast Chicago Wedding - Sarrandipity Blog

It’s been almost three months since Andy and I got married, and it somehow feels both like it was just yesterday and like it was years ago at the same time. Considering our nearly two-year engagement, at times it felt like our wedding day would never come—even the morning before the big day, it didn’t feel completely real to me. And now that our wedding has come and gone, I can’t totally believe it happened. It was a blur of a day (a really kickass day, with almost all of our closest friends and family in the same room—one of the best feelings in the world). Fortunately, our fantastic photographer, Kenny Kim, captured pretty much every amazing, fun, emotional, and hilarious moment—even ones we didn’t know were happening—so we can look back on them whenever we need a reminder that this whole wedding thing wasn’t just a figment of our imaginations. All of Kenny’s photos were unbelievable, but there were more than 1,000 (seriously), and I’m guessing very few of you are invested enough in our lives to want to click through all of that, so here’s a condensed collection of some of our favorite shots (Click on any of the thumbnails to open the slideshow). Enjoy!

Emma & Andy's River Roast Chicago Wedding - Sarrandipity Blog

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