Exploring Amazon Handmade: 9 Jewelry Finds To Snag Now

Amazon now has its own version of Etsy, and I wasted no time seeing what it’s about.

Amazing Jewelry From Amazon Handmade - Sarrandipity Blog
Last week, Amazon launched the newest arm of its business, an Etsy-like shop called Amazon Handmade. Though, honestly neither site is super indie (the true “mom-and-pop” type shops on the Etsy at this point are few and far between, and I’m pretty sure Amazon Handmade is no different), I still go to Etsy here and there to browse and buy interesting, fun, and at-least-semi unique pieces. Curious how Amazon Handmade stacks up, I took a browse through the jewelry section (duh) — and found more than a few pieces for my wish list. (And two themes became apparent: I’m really into rings right now, and I’m really into dainty jewelry. Dainty rings: Jackpot.)
Amazing Jewelry from Amazon Handmade - Sarrandipity Blog
1. Sterling Silver Birthstone Stacking Ring
Clearly, as this post shows, I love stackable rings. But this is the first time I’ve seen a birthstone version like this, and it’s beautiful (and makes for a great gift for pretty much anyone who wears jewelry).

2. Gold Amethyst Necklace
I love how the marble-esque look of the dark amethyst stone goes with the gold chain (which comes in two different styles!) on this necklace. Paired with a basic white t-shirt, and perhaps layered with a shorter gold pendant, it’s pretty much perfect.

3. Bronzed Ombre Midi Ring Set
9 Jewelry Picks From Amazon Handmade - Sarrandipity Blog
You can find simple midi rings like this in lots of stores, but I love the variety of colors that comes in this set (9 rings for $17? You can’t really go wrong). They’d look amazing worn all together, or mixed and matched with some other, more funky, rings.

4. Tiny Rose Cut Diamond Stud Earrings
Okay, these studs are a splurge (perhaps for your holiday wish list?), but they’re absolutely gorgeous. Plus, they come in a few different colors, and they’re all equally amazing.

5. Pearl Midi Ring Set
You get it: I love midi rings. Here’s another pretty variety.

6. Gold Galena Necklace
9 Jewelry Picks From Amazon Handmade
This necklace is perfect in its simplicity, with just enough hammered texture on the metal to make it special.

7. Brass and Magnesite Earrings
Just picture, if you will, these earrings with some boyfriend jeans, a black or white t-shirt, and chunky-heeled booties. Perfect.

8. Abstract Squares Bangle
I love the thin bangle with the open, abstract charm. Because the charm isn’t a solid piece of metal, it doesn’t seem too clunky, and can still be layered with other bangles seamlessly.

9. Gold Bracelet with Amber Swarovski
How stunning is the Swarovski crystal on this bracelet?

Will you be shopping Amazon Handmade? Share your finds with me in the comments, por favor!

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