Inspiring Things I Heard From Michael Strahan, Tom Arnold, and More at Chicago Ideas Week

Last year, my first week of being a full-time freelancer coincided with Chicago Ideas Week, a week full of talks, interactive “labs,” and experiences that can inspire even the most cynical. I covered it for Michigan Avenue Mag online, and it was the perfect way to kick off my new career. This year, I went back for more and it was just as amazing as I remembered. I recorded a commercial voice over at the iHeart Media offices, designed my own BucketFeet shoes, met and got books signed by Beverly Johnson and Michael Strahan (I nearly died), and teared up in public listening to Kristin Spodobalski (the late Stuart Scott’s girlfriend)—and that’s only a fraction of it. I compiled some of the most inspiring things I heard throughout the week into a piece for Michigan Ave Mag (it was hard to not make the article 8,731 pages long). Check out a couple highlights below, and click through to read the rest.

Inspiring words from Michael Strahan, Beverly Johnson, Tom Arnold and more at Chicago Ideas Week

Michael Strahan during his Chicago Ideas Week Talk

Michael Strahan, NFL Hall-of-Famer and Co-Host of ABC’s Live! With Kelly & Michael

On failure…
“I’ve had a lot of failures in my life. But I don’t look at them as failures, I look at them as opportunities that did not work out the best way that I would’ve loved for them to work out, but they also were opportunities for me to learn; opportunities for me to get better.”

Beverly Johnson, Supermodel, Actress, and Author of The Face That Changed It All

On opening up about being one of Bill Cosby’s victims…
“In 2014, as most of you know, women came out and talked about Cosby drugging and raping them. And I sat there watching these women tell their stories and realized that my story was very similar to theirs. And they were telling the truth. And they were being victimized and criticized and vilified, and… I couldn’t [stay quiet]. My conscience and my principles made me write an article for Vanity Fair telling about my encounter with Cosby.”

Continue reading on Michigan Ave Mag for more quotes from Strahan, Johnson, Spodobalski, Peter Sagal, and more. 

Photo courtesy of Chicago Ideas

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