Going Green

Going Green - Winter Shift Dress - Sarrandipity Blog
Dress: Nordstrom Rack // Similar (Waterproof!) Boots: Nordstrom // Similar Tights: Target // Similar Necklace: Amazon

I didn’t realize it until recently, but my dress collection consists almost entirely of shift dresses. Whenever I’m shopping, I subconsciously gravitate toward their loose, comfortable shapes—who knows, maybe I’m drawn to the feeling of being breezy. (Side note: You’ll rarely see me in any super form-fitting tops and dresses — they’re just not really my jam. Bandage dresses: never.) That said, it’s hard to find a shift dress that is just loose enough, without looking like a muumuu. I’ve purchased far too many overly baggy dresses, only to desperately try cinching them with a belt without, causing them to bunch up weirdly and hideously in all the wrong places. This green shift was one of my successful purchases, and I’m so in love with it. I wore this outfit to interview Anthony Bourdain at an event a couple weeks ago and felt confident, comfortable and, yes, breezy. (Please, someone appreciate my Friends reference. I linked to it a few sentences ago; have a look.) I had so much fun with my jewelry that night, too, layering the necklaces and mixing metals and colors. I love pairing gold and silver and, though I’m really not much of a pearls person, the Dear Miss J bracelet and earrings have a level of edginess that really speaks to me. I think they balanced out the sharp edges of the necklace perfectly. The compass necklace was a birthday gift from a friend of mine, who I lived with in London back in the day (grab a similar one here or here), and it’s so special and perfect for any travel lovers—so if you’re doing any last-minute gift shopping, you’re welcome. 

Going Green - Shift Dress & Layered Jewelry - Sarrandipity BlogBack cut-outs are a definite “yes” in my book. 

Mixed Metals Jewelry - Sarrandipity Blog
Similar Statement Necklace: Amazon // Similar Compass Necklace: Lord & Taylor // Bracelet: Dear Miss J // Earrings: Dear Miss J

Green Shift Dress & Layered Jewelry - Sarrandipity Blog

Photos by Meghan Residori

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