Black Is The New Black

Black is the New Black - Sarrandipity                         Hat: Amazon // Jacket: Nordstrom // Sweater: Nordstrom // Jeans: Nordstrom //                              Boots: Nordstrom // Bag: Lo & Sons

Sometimes when I shop, I guilt myself into buying colors. I tell myself, “All you ever wear is black and grey, and you need to branch out and brighten up.” Then, I buy the colorful clothing—and it largely hangs unworn in my closet while I continue to don black and grey. Because here’s the thing: Not only are those neutrals timeless and generally flattering, but they’re also what I like to wear. I like how black clothes look, and I feel good when I wear them. That’s not to say I walk around all day every day looking like Wednesday Addams; I spice things up with fun jewelry, and do occasionally don colorful clothing (I tend to gravitate toward blues and greens). But, I’ve decided to stop feeling guilty when I don’t, and embrace my overwhelmingly black wardrobe, because really, black will always be the new black. 

Black is the New Black - Sarrandipity Necklace: Nordstrom

Black is the New Black - Sarrandipity Similar Watch: Nordstrom // Gold Ring: Catbird 

I love this bag for multiple reasons, particularly the fact that it has three main compartments (two zippered), the strap adjusts so that it’s short enough to be a shoulder bag, and it comes with a second, smaller wrist strap to convert the bag into a clutch. 

Black is the New Black - Sarrandipity Sunglasses: Amazon

Black is the New Black - Sarrandipity

Photos by Meghan Residori

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