It May Or May Not Be Spring In Chicago

And while the city decides, this is what I’ll be wearing.

casual sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, & waterproof booties - sarrandipity blog
                        Sweatshirt: Singer 22 (Another Option: Revolve) // Jeans: Nordstrom Rack // (Waterproof!) Boots: Nordstrom 

Five days ago, it was 85 degrees in Chicago. Yesterday, it was 47. I’m not kidding. But I’m not surprised either—there is no norm as far as temperatures go anymore. Which brings me back to this outfit, which I photographed back when it was technically winter, didn’t get around to posting it, and figured I was done with it now that it’s almost May. Nope. I wore it yesterday. When the temperatures are in the 40s-50s, this is my go-to outfit. I found the sweatshirt in a boutique on Abbot Kinney in LA and was almost giddy with excitement over it. I had been on a long hunt to find a suitable replacement for a well-loved, super soft SoulCycle pullover I wore to death (Okay, I still wear it, just to bed and the gym instead of, well, everywhere else), and this was perfect. It is ridiculously soft—ridiculously. I wear it every chance I get. (I also became obsessed with pretty much all of Sundry’s clothing, though I’ve held myself back from buying it all…so far.) I bought the jeans in last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and despite my hesitancy to pull the trigger on boyfriend jeans, they quickly became my favorites. (And BTW, I swear by AG Jeans. They’re worth every penny.) And the boots, oohhh the boots. You guys, they’re waterproof. They’re cute, suede booties that are waterproof. As a Chicago resident, they are one of the most valuable purchases I’ve ever made. So, yes, my go-to outfit. Can you blame me? 

casual & comfy - sarrandipity

cozy sweatshirt & boyfriend jeans - sarrandipity

rise and shine with this casual & comfy outfit - sarrandipity

Rising and Shining, all day, everyday.

Photos by Meghan Residori

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