My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shoe Picks

The best sale of the year isn’t over yet.



At this point, we know I love Nordstrom, and I love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, when all of the brand new fall and winter merchandise is marked down before it goes back up to full price. I already shared my best clothing finds from this year’s sale, and with a few days left to score some serious deals, I figured I may as well share my shoe picks, too, before prices go up on August 8.

When I was at the store, I only shopped for clothes (the shoe tent was far too overwhelming), but I went online and browsed the shoe selection pretty much immediately after I got home. I tried to remain somewhat practical, and shop for things that were missing from my shoe wardrobe, and fortunately (or unfortunately, if we’re talking about my bank account…) found some goooood stuff. Ahead, a few things I snagged, and a few I just lusted after.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shoe Finds - Sarrandipity

1. Blondo Eden Over the Knee Waterproof Boot $189.90 (After Sale: $285) 
I like Hunter’s rubber rain boots just as much as the next gal, but sometimes it rains when I have to look…not like a cute, urban farmer…and I’d rather have rain boots that I can wear at those times, rather than deal with carrying around an extra pair of shoes. Last year, I bought waterproof Blondo booties, and absolutely love them, so I was fairly confident I’d like these too. It’s been a long time since I bought over-the-knee boots, but these are so comfortable, slim-fitting, and cute. I’m into them. 

2. Sam Edelman Tonia Spike Rand Pointy Toe Pump • $69.90 (After Sale: $120)
Honestly, I don’t wear heels a lot. At all. But, I realized last fall that the only ones I have that I actually like are heeled sandals or boots. So, the few times I did want to wear heels in the colder weather, I had to default to boots. I looked in the anniversary sale for a pair of relatively low pumps, which these are, in a versatile style and color, which these are, with a bit of personality, which these have. (Do you see the spikes? They mean I’m mysterious and dangerous, of course.)

3. Vince Camuto Earina Perforated Flat • $69.90 (After Sale: $110)
I didn’t actually buy these, because I couldn’t quite justify them, but if I could, I would. In the bronze and steel colors.

4. Steve Madden Nylie Chelsea Boot $72.90 (After Sale: $110)
I have a pair of flat, black ankle boots that I’m obsessed with and have worn to death — these Teva waterproof guys (sense a theme with me?) — but, they’re pretty utilitarian-looking. I wanted a pair of flat boots (see above about me not wearing heels often) that could be dressed up a little more; hence, these Steve Maddens.

5. Halogen Owen Pointy Toe Ghillie Flat • $59.90 (After Sale: $90)
love these flats. I got them in the “Blush Nappa” color to take a departure from my standard black and grey ballet flats collection. I’m not usually one for tying things around my legs and ankles, because I feel like they make me look shorter, but since these are practically a nude color, the tie is subtle enough that I think it works. I’m pumped to wear these shoes with cropped jeans (especially of the boyfriend or distressed variety, to contrast the femininity of the flats), basically as soon as it’s too cold to wear sandals but before it’s too cold to need boots.

6. PAJAR Marcie Waterproof Snow Boot • $159.90 (After Sale: $240)
I have, no joke, been on a two-year hunt for new snow boots. I’ve worn my last pair to death, but have yet to find a new pair that works for me. I have a serious problem where my toes are always cold, basically between the months of October and April (really, I’ve been diagnosed), so I will be miserable if I don’t find boots that keep my little piggies warm. I’ve tried some of the well-known boot brands, but they either didn’t fit well (I also have annoyingly narrow feet) or didn’t keep me warm. I have high hopes for these, though, mostly because they’re a Canada brand, and Canadians have to know how to stay warm, right? Though I haven’t stepped out into the Arctic in these yet, I can vouch for their comfort level – they’re insanely lightweight for snow boots and the lining is super soft. 

7. Treasure&Bond Marko Sneaker • $79.90 (After Sale: $120)
I didn’t buy these either, but, ugh, I wish I could justify them. I’d rock these on the regular, for sure.

Did you score any other shoes in the NSale? Do you also have frozen toes? Talk to me.

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