Clip: “What is Fred Savage’s Advice to Young Filmmakers?”

Fred SavageI had the opportunity to interview child actor-turned-director/producer/Hollywood every-man at the CineYouth Film Festival in Chicago. The festival featured filmmakers all under the age of 21–talk about inspiring. Savage hosted opening night of the festival, walking the red carpet to kick things off. He was super-friendly, and had some great things to say. What, you ask? Read on to find out.


In honor of the recent “Wicked” movie rumblings…

I dug up the profile I did on Gene Weygandt, the actor who has played the Wizard in a ton of different theatres, including during Chicago’s long run of the show. I did this interview in college; when I found out Gene was from my hometown, I just looked him up in the white pages and gave him a call. We met at the Park Ridge ice rink where his son was in lessons–such a nice guy, and so excited to see he’s joined the North American tour cast!

Gene Weygandt Profile