Going Green

Going Green - Winter Shift Dress - Sarrandipity Blog
Dress: Nordstrom Rack // Similar (Waterproof!) Boots: Nordstrom // Similar Tights: Target // Similar Necklace: Amazon

I didn’t realize it until recently, but my dress collection consists almost entirely of shift dresses. Whenever I’m shopping, I subconsciously gravitate toward their loose, comfortable shapes—who knows, maybe I’m drawn to the feeling of being breezy. (Side note: You’ll rarely see me in any super form-fitting tops and dresses — they’re just not really my jam. Bandage dresses: never.) That said, it’s hard to find a shift dress that is just loose enough, without looking like a muumuu. I’ve purchased far too many overly baggy dresses, only to desperately try cinching them with a belt without, causing them to bunch up weirdly and hideously in all the wrong places. This green shift was one of my successful purchases, and I’m so in love with it. I wore this outfit to interview Anthony Bourdain at an event a couple weeks ago and felt confident, comfortable and, yes, breezy. (Please, someone appreciate my Friends reference. I linked to it a few sentences ago; have a look.) I had so much fun with my jewelry that night, too, layering the necklaces and mixing metals and colors. I love pairing gold and silver and, though I’m really not much of a pearls person, the Dear Miss J bracelet and earrings have a level of edginess that really speaks to me. I think they balanced out the sharp edges of the necklace perfectly. The compass necklace was a birthday gift from a friend of mine, who I lived with in London back in the day (grab a similar one here or here), and it’s so special and perfect for any travel lovers—so if you’re doing any last-minute gift shopping, you’re welcome. 

Going Green - Shift Dress & Layered Jewelry - Sarrandipity BlogBack cut-outs are a definite “yes” in my book. 

Mixed Metals Jewelry - Sarrandipity Blog
Similar Statement Necklace: Amazon // Similar Compass Necklace: Lord & Taylor // Bracelet: Dear Miss J // Earrings: Dear Miss J

Green Shift Dress & Layered Jewelry - Sarrandipity Blog

Photos by Meghan Residori

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My Summer Uniform

easy summer outfit - sarrandipity blogSimilar Tank: Off 5th or Nordstrom // Similar Shorts: J.Crew // Sunglasses: Amazon 

I love a good sundress, but in the summer I’m most comfortable in a pair of shorts and a loose, silky tank top. On any given summer day, chances are I’m wearing some variety of the outfit above: Sometimes it’s cut-off jean shorts or my absolute favorite, can’t-get-enough, lightweight Lululemon shorts, and sometimes it’s a solid-color tank instead of patterned, but the basic idea is the same. I’ve actually had the outfit in the above picture for years, and both pieces are still two of the favorites in my closet (partially because the top is racerback, which I always love); I can’t imagine getting sick of them anytime soon.

Summer accessories - Sarrandipity blogSimilar Hand Chain: Nordstrom // Similar Watch: Nordstrom or Amazon // Similar Bracelet: Amazon

Sunny summer look - Sarrandipity blog Sunglasses: Amazon // Similar Earrings: Bloomingdale’s // Similar Necklace: Lord & Taylor // Lip Stain: Sephora (Watermelon Slice)

Easy summer outfit - Sarrandipity Blog Similar Sandals: Amazon or Nordstrom Rack

Easy summer outfits - Sarrandipity blogSimilar Blue Tank: Nordstrom // Similar Jean Shorts: Amazon // Similar Tan Tank: Revolve Clothing

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Packing List: San Francisco and L.A. 

Playing Dress Up: Winter Wedding

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My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds, from Sarrandipity

So, i’m just coming out of my post-wedding fog (real life is far less fun, by the way), during which Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year—the Anniversary Sale—has been going on. Every July, Nordstrom releases brand new fall merchandise at sale prices, before increasing everything to full price a few weeks later. It’s the best opportunity to stock up on fall essentials at killer prices. (Especially considering Nordstrom’s amazing return policy—not 100% sure about the purchase? Buy it now while it’s on sale, and return later if you change your mind!)

Though our wedding took up the majority of my time, energy, and brain for the past month while the sale has been going on, those of you who know me know it would take a lot for me to miss any big Nordstrom event, especially this one. True story: 6 years ago, I braved the sale in a wheelchair on all sorts of pain killers weeks after a car accident I was in (more on that someday). And this year, I squeezed in a pre-shopping appointment on the first day of early access (for Nordstrom cardholders) two days before my wedding. With a few days left of this amazing sale (prices go up on August 3), I figured I’d share some of my finds.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks - Sarrandipity blog

1. Chelsea28 Pleated Hem Sweater • $58.90 (After Sale: $88) 
My favorite purchase from last year’s sale was a similar lightweight sweater with a blouse hem, and I can already tell I’m going to love this variation just as much. The pleats are the perfect accent on an otherwise simple top that will be perfect with a pair of dark jeans and boots.

2. Topshop Utility Drawstring Dress • $48.90 (After Sale: $75)
I’ve had a sudden, recent craving for shirtdresses lately. I think they’re going to be my thing this fall (you know, for all the times I have to get dressed for work…).

3. BaubleBar ‘Adornment – Play By Ear’ Earring Set • $51.90 (After Sale: $78)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds - BaubleBar Earring Gift Set - Sarrandipity Blog
I am very into ear jackets these days. I’m also very into mixing and matching earrings. Thus, this is pretty much the perfect purchase.

4. Satya Jewelry Reversible Constellation Pendant Necklace $49.90 (After Sale: $78)
I actually got this one as a bridesmaid gift for my sister after she spotted it during our pre-shop appointment (I must say, I did a good job of being sneaky in buying it while with her), and if I wasn’t trying to curb my jewelry spending (my necklace collection is a tad absurd), I would’ve bought one for myself as well. How cool is it?

5. Trouvé Drape Collar Leather Jacket • $219.90 (After Sale: $328)
I have a fairly extensive bomber collection—they’re perfect for Chicago fall and spring!—but somehow I was missing a good, versatile leather jacket. (In fact, the last black leather jacket I bought was when I lived in London in 2008, and let’s just say I didn’t have the greatest sense of style back then…) This one is buttery soft and not too bulky, like some of the options out there.

6. Hudson ‘Lydia’ Ankle Skinny Jeans • $129.90 (After Sale: $198)
A good pair of black jeans is a necessary wardrobe staple.

7. AG ‘The Nikki’ Relaxed Skinny Jeans • $149.90 (After Sale: $225)
I was actually quite hesitant to buy these—I love the boyfriend jean look on other people, but I’m not totally convinced I can pull it off. So, we’ll see…

8. Lush Crewneck Swing Dress • $29.90 (After Sale: $46)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds - Lush Dress - Sarrandipity blog
This was a super spontaneous purchase after it caught my eye near the end of our appointment, but when I tried it on at home I loved it and ended up wearing it for my wedding rehearsal the next night (I added a belt to give it more shape). The floral version I bought is currently sold out, but this paisley print is an amazing alternative. That said, people are always returning things, so it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on unavailable items you love in case they return (and Nordstrom will probably restock—it just may be after the sale).

9. Zella ‘Live In – Bold Blocked’ Leggings • $44.90 (After Sale: $68)
I’ve been wanting patterned leggings to wear to the gym for a while, so I’m really excited about these. I think they’ll probably give me more speed and power when I work out, right? Related note: I swear by Zella (Nordstrom’s own activewear line) leggings for everyday wear in the fall and winter—I have them in at least three different solid neutral colors. They’re so much more substantial than a lot of the other leggings out there, hold up really well, and are perfect with long sweaters and tops.

10. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Ribbed Blanket • $117.90-$146.90 (After Sale: $176-220)
Before you balk at spending $100+ on a blanket, hear me out: This is the softest, coziest, most heavenly blanket there is. I already have a king size one on my couch (not too big; exactly perfect for cocooning yourself in the winter), but I ordered a couple in the sale because it’s the perfect gift and I know I’ll find people to bestow them upon. So whether you’re buying one for yourself or someone else, I’m telling you it is worth every penny. In fact, all Barefoot Dreams products are—I’ve acquired and gifted quite a few of their products (like this cardigan, this shawl, and this baby blanket) over time, and they have not disappointed. You could say I’m a super fan.

Anyone else score some amazing deals in the anniversary sale?

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Can’t Live Without: Chunky Heeled Boots

Sarrandipity Blog-Can't Live Without: Chunky Heeled Boots

I have a confession: I’m not much of a heels girl. I love how they look, and I love how I feel in them, except for when I don’t. Let’s face it: heels hurt, and I’m just not always willing to endure the pain if not totally necessary. Especially in the winter. I’m accident prone enough without trying to safely navigate the icy sidewalks of Chicago on half-inch-in-diameter, 4-inch-in-height shoes. Enter: chunky heeled boots. These have been a lifesaver throughout both NYC and Chicago falls and winters. They add some much-needed height, they’re cute, they’re versatile, and they’re comfortable (+ relatively stable) enough to wear all day. Over time, I’ve amassed a decent collection in the necessary shades of brown, black, and grey. Most of the styles I own (above) are no longer available, but below are some similar boots currently out there that I love.

Sarrandipity Blog - Can't Get Enough of Chunky Heeled Boots

Coclico ‘Kitta’ Ankle Bootie // Trask ‘Abbey’ Tall Boot // UGG ‘Mackie’ Water Resistant Boot // Frye Jackie Button // rag & bone ‘Harrow’ Leather Boot // Clarks Alpine Melt Boot // ALDO Himelfarb // Marais Marseille Boot

Sarrandipity - Can't Live Without: Chunky Heeled Boots

One of my favorite pairs in action.

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Packing List: Weekend in Florida

Weekend in Florida

In a couple days, Andy and I are meeting his parents in Florida for the long weekend. His plan is to golf as much as possible; my plan is to soak up as much sun as possible (golf and I do not mix). Though the forecast right now is looking grim (highs in the 60s, what?), I’m holding out hope that this week’s 75-degree weather will ultimately extend into the weekend. And my packing list reflects my denial. The trip is going to be a laid-back, casual one, which makes the packing pretty easy: No need for excessive jewelry, any form of heels, or dressy clothes. If the weather holds up, my uniform will be a bathing suit (I have this one from Victoria’s Secret in two different prints; it’s the most flattering bikini I’ve ever owned–both top and bottom), shorts and a loose-fitting crop top. For cool nights (or days??) I’m packing my favorite, light-weight versatile scarf, a pair of trusty Keds, and a jean jacket. My beach bag is actually a kitschy bag I bought at Harrods in London many, many years ago. It folds down completely flat in my suitcase, holds all the necessities (with a zipper top), and its waxy finish keeps it waterproof. And I cannot go anywhere without my Kindle (currently reading: Eightysixed by Chicagoan Emily Belden); with this waterproof case, it’s completely beach-friendly.

What are your vacation necessities?

Gap Denim Jacket // H&M Double Layer Tank // Old Navy Denim Cut-Off Shorts // Franco Sarto ‘Grip’ Sandal // Tildon Metallic Straw Hat // Ted Baker Biotime Sunglasses // Victoria’s Secret Getaway Halter // Victoria’s Secret The Ruffle Cheeky Bottom // Harrods Pretty City Shoulder Bag // Tasha ‘The Ringer’ Infinity Scarf // Keds Champion Washed Stripe Sneaker // Felicity & Coco Stripe Scoop Neck Maxi Dress // Trendy Digital Waterproof Kindle Case // Kindle Paperwhite

Playing Dress Up: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving-Feature-IMage          Similar Sweater: Express // Similar Tank: Yoox // Similar Jeans: American Eagle // Similar Boots: Nordstrom
Ah, Thanksgiving: A time to eat, drink, be with family, and wear forgiving clothes. If I’m going to be spending my day eating, drinking, hanging on the couch, and playing with dogs and babies on the floor, you can bet I’m going to wear something that’s comfortable and requires no sucking in. I’ll admit, I’ve spent many a very casual Thanksgiving in leggings and a hoodie (ie when only immediate family who have to love me no matter how I look were present). This year, though, my future brother-in-law and his wife hosted Thanksgiving in Chicago for both mine & my fiancé’s families (yep, big undertaking) and in order to fit in with the gorgeous flower arrangements, tablescapes and food, I had to look somewhat presentable. These jeans may as well be leggings for how comfortable and stretchy they are. I figured the gold dots on my tank added some subtle holiday glitz, especially when paired with my current favorite statement necklace.

Thanksgiving-ChairThanksgiving-Accessories Similar Evil Eye Necklace: Nordstrom // Similar Statement Necklace: Nordstrom // Bangles: Alex and Ani  // Watch: Amazon

                                                   There was at least one fan of my necklace: my adorable nephew, Luca.

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