35 Small But Important Facts I Learned In 30 Years

Unsolicited wisdom, from me to you.

35 Small But Important Facts I Learned In 30 Years - Sarrandipity

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I’ve seen more than my fair share of articles spouting profound realizations shared by people who just celebrated milestone birthdays. This is not that. For one, I turned 30 six months ago. (Bonus fact: Procrastination may forever be my greatest vice—I wrote this list back then, and am just getting around to posting it now.) And the wisdom I’m about to share with you probably can’t be categorized as profound…but I’ll let you make that call. Here, some of the most important facts I’ve learned in my 30 (.5) years on this here Earth.

  1. Crockpots really are magical.
  2. You can pull off leather leggings if you put your mind to it. (Same goes for boyfriend jeans; just be prepared to then want to wear them every. single. day.)
  3. Sometimes Pinterest failing is more fun than Pinterest succeeding.
  4. It’s okay to download multiple Kindle books at once, but you should probably cut yourself off around number 5. (Once you read one, though, you can buy 5 more.)
  5. Packing light is overrated.
  6. Capsule wardrobes aren’t for everyone.
  7. Neither are sky-high stilettos. Or medium-high heels, for that matter.
  8. Naps get better with age.
  9. And naps in the sun and/or on a beach are the best kind.35 Small But Important Facts I Learned in 30 Years - Sarrandipity
  10. There’s no “easy way” to clean a litter box.
  11. And the self-cleaning, fancy litter boxes are basically bullshit.
  12. Goat cheese cheddar exists, and it’s every bit as magical as it sounds.
  13. There is a delicious beer out there for those who hate beer, and it’s called Not Your Father’s Root Beer.
  14. I may never really learn about wine.
  15. I may also never learn that just because I love a shirt, doesn’t mean I need to buy it in every color.
  16. Moon cheese is a gift from God.
  17. Sometimes you just need to pass out on the couch while watching TV and let yourself stay there all night.
  18. Wake-up lights are worth every penny, but they’re not magic.
  19. It’s okay to drink champagne when you’re not at a wedding, or celebrating something. In fact, it’s encouraged.35 Small But Important Facts I Learned in 30 Years - Sarrandipity
  20. My limit for number of days in a week I can eat pizza is 5. Mexican food: 4. Cheese: unlimited.
  21. The Nordstrom anniversary sale is the best sale of the year. Period.
  22. Being among mountains never ceases to be and feel amazing.
  23. A too-short haircut is never a reason to be devastated.
  24. And when you find a good hairstylist who gets you, you should hold on to her for dear life.
  25. Not having an assigned seat on an airplane is modern travel’s version of torture.
  26. Hawaii doesn’t get the love it deserves from millennial travelers and honeymooners. It’s goddamn paradise.
  27. It’s perfectly okay to never want to advance beyond the blue squares on the ski slopes.35 Small But Important Facts I Learned in 30 Years - Sarrandipity
  28. Just because you keep your head down while swinging a golf club doesn’t mean the ball will go where you want it to.
  29. When you’re feeling down in the dumps, all you need is a cat to head butt you, purr in your face, or fall asleep in your lap to feel validated and loved and alive.
  30. Polar vortexes never get easier. Neither do humid heat waves.
  31. Candles bring happiness to every room.
  32. Self-serve froyo was one of the greatest inventions of this decade.
  33. I don’t know what to call this decade. 10s?
  34. Noodle kugel is the greatest comfort food of all time.
  35. Sometimes you set out to make a list of 30 things and end up with 35.

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