Clip: “Woody Allen on the Magic of His Latest Movie”


That picture there? It’s me (or more accurately, a side view of my hair, my notebook, and my iphone voice recording app), interviewing Woody Allen. It was one of the coolest, most humbling moments of my writing career. I only got a few short minutes to speak with him–it was on the red carpet for the Chicago premiere of his newest movie, Magic in the Moonlight–but it was a great few minutes. I had no idea what to expect from Mr. Allen himself–would he be scary? quiet? rude? funny?–but ultimately, he was great. Actually reminded me of any, well, older man, who likes to tell people stories. What he did share with me was already fascinating; I’m sure if we talked longer, there’d be some tales for the books. Here’s what I did get out of him.


Clip: “What is Fred Savage’s Advice to Young Filmmakers?”

Fred SavageI had the opportunity to interview child actor-turned-director/producer/Hollywood every-man at the CineYouth Film Festival in Chicago. The festival featured filmmakers all under the age of 21–talk about inspiring. Savage hosted opening night of the festival, walking the red carpet to kick things off. He was super-friendly, and had some great things to say. What, you ask? Read on to find out.