Are Some People Hard-Wired To Be Homophobic?

A new study shows some people may be hard-wired to be homophobic.

In a piece I did for Teen Vogue, I shared the results of a study that discovered some interesting things about homophobia…

Though we’ve celebrated many wins in LGBTQ representation and rights recently, there’s no doubt that homophobia is still a huge problem. Now, researchers are studying just what causes homophobic attitudes and behaviors are coming up some fascinating results.

A recent study of Italian university students, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicinefound a link between those who have negative views toward gay people and those who have higher levels of psychoticism, a personality trait manifested in hostility, anger, and aggression toward others, according to Live Science. The study’s researchers, including lead researcher Emmanuele Jannini, asked 551 students ages 18 to 30 to complete questionnaires that measured both their homophobia and their personality traits. Participants ranked their agreeability with statements like, “Gay people make me nervous” and, “I tease and make jokes about gay people,” that helped researchers gauge their levels of homophobia. To judge the personality side, researchers asked questions about the students’ attachment styles (think: being distant, or clingy and insecure) and coping strategies (how they deal with certain bad situations) when it comes to relationships with others.

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